Casas da Biquinha include several apartements. Take a look and see your favourite or the most adequated to your taste. In the main building there is a common outdoor patio to 3 apartments with a great view of the Moorish Castle. You can also make your meal in the rustic table found there. Three apartments are located in the main building, the rest are at 60-200 meters.

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Casas da Biquinha

Rua da Biquinha 18 / 2710-542 Sintra

Contacto / Contact:

Telemóvel / Mobile phone (+351) 960 401 707

Telefone / Telephone (+351) 219 241 763

E-mail: casas.da.biquinha@gmail.com

- O horário de atendimento é das 10.00h. às 13.00h. e das 14.00h. às 18.30h.
- The office hours are from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm from 6:30 pm


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